Thursday, April 9, 2015

Skyler and Gabriella Take Freedom to Florida for Spring Break

Freedom joined Skyler, Gabriella and their family, as well as some other Parsley Patriots, on a vacation to Florida over Spring Break.  Skyler describes his vacation in these pictures:

When we were in our wetsuits, it was tight and very hot. Our captain's name was Bill. He swam with us. At our first stop I saw a manatee. Then we went to Jurassic Spring. The water was so clear. I loved swimming with the manatees. I even named one. I named him Jimmy.

We were closing in, 30 minutes away, but we stopped at an orange grove. The oranges were so bright and beautiful. I got a venison beef stick. My mom got orange candies and chocolate. Freedom tried to steal an orange, but my dad caught her. I wish I could've had one.

Our campsite was super big.There were five tents set up. We ate no Smores, just marshmallows. Harper and I told ghost stories before bed. Me, Harper, and Dane (former Patriot) all whittled spears. Our campsite was awesome. 

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