Thursday, April 9, 2015

Skyler and Gabriella Take Freedom to Florida for Spring Break

Freedom joined Skyler, Gabriella and their family, as well as some other Parsley Patriots, on a vacation to Florida over Spring Break.  Skyler describes his vacation in these pictures:

When we were in our wetsuits, it was tight and very hot. Our captain's name was Bill. He swam with us. At our first stop I saw a manatee. Then we went to Jurassic Spring. The water was so clear. I loved swimming with the manatees. I even named one. I named him Jimmy.

We were closing in, 30 minutes away, but we stopped at an orange grove. The oranges were so bright and beautiful. I got a venison beef stick. My mom got orange candies and chocolate. Freedom tried to steal an orange, but my dad caught her. I wish I could've had one.

Our campsite was super big.There were five tents set up. We ate no Smores, just marshmallows. Harper and I told ghost stories before bed. Me, Harper, and Dane (former Patriot) all whittled spears. Our campsite was awesome. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Liberty's Spring Break Vacation in Washington, DC with Josie and Emery

On Sunday, Liberty went to the National Shrine. She enjoyed the Air and Space Museum and the Museum of Natural History.

On Monday, we took her to the Smithsonian Zoo. Her favorite animals were the pink flamingos. She also enjoyed the Capitol.

On Tuesday, we went to the White House. We also went to the Lincoln and Washington monuments and the World War II memorial. Liberty liked riding on the Metro and in taxi cabs.

That afternoon we drove to Annapolis, MD, the state capital. We stayed in a historic inn. We walked around and shopped in the downtown area near the waterfront.

On Wednesday, we toured the Naval Academy. We saw the midshipman at their noon formation. Also we toured Memorial Hall.

Liberty had a great spring break with us!