Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Justice Goes on a Field Trip to the Aquarium with Ms. Cannon's 5th Graders

Hi, I’m Justice and this is my trip to the Aquarium with Ms. Cannon’s 5th grade class and Mrs. Down’s 5th grade class. It all started when we packed up the bus and hit the road. It was about a 30 minute drive and everybody had a way of entertaining themselves. 

When we got there the two classes split up into two groups. First, we did the water experiments. We tested the water salinity and got to look at some amoebas. Then we took the little sheets of paper and determined if the water in the bowl was salt, fresh, or brackish water. 
After that we went on a scavenger hunt throughout the aquarium. We went all throughout the aquarium looking for the type of animal our paper described. We finally got to the fun part.....THE MARSH!!!!! I heard it was really fun getting in the water, but I couldn’t get in because I didn’t bring a change of clothes. Everybody caught something whether it was snails, fish, or mud. In the end we caught two crabs and too many fish and snails to count. 

After we left the marsh we washed up and ate lunch. After we finished eating we got back on the bus (most of us fell asleep on the way back). When we got back it was almost time to go, so we just did some work and went home. And that’s my story about my trip to the aquarium.