Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Justice Spends His Summer in Europe with Silas, Isaac and Eli

I got to travel to several European cities with Silas, Isaac and Eli this summer. This picture is taken from on top of the Eiffel Tower in June – can you tell how cold it was? Paris, France was so much fun – we ate crepes with Nutella, rode the metro and took a boat cruise on the River Seine. The Mona Lisa in the Louvre was a little smaller than I imagined.
The BioParc, which is a zoo in Valencia, Spain, was a highlight of our trip.  Did you know that when kids look cute adults sometimes say, "QuĂ© mono!"  But mono is also the word for monkeys, so it was a little confusing.  I learned a lot of Spanish!

In Barcelona, Spain we stayed in a nice hotel.  It was so hot – almost 100 degrees!  We got to see amazing architecture like Gaudi’s Park, homes and La Sagrada Familia.  Mrs. Sload would have loved the Picasso Museum where we got to see his blue period!

Finally, we went to Bremen, Germany and saw these famous Bremen Town Musicians. I really wanted to get on top, but they wouldn’t let me. In this city we got to meet the exchange student who will be living with them this year – Timo.

It was an amazing trip! Next time I travel outside the country I’m really going to have to get a passport!!

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