Friday, December 11, 2009

Freedom Goes To the State Fair With the Hall Family

I had an exciting trip to the North Carolina State Fair this year with the Hall Family. We woke up early and headed to Raleigh for a day of fun.

Sydney, Peyton and I couldn’t wait to get there and ride the giant Ferris wheel that Mrs. Hall and her sister, Catherine had told us about. At first I was a little frightened but once we got moving, I enjoyed the ride a lot. You could see the whole fair from the top of the Ferris wheel!

There were so many interesting things to see while we were there. We saw many exhibits like the 4-H displays in the Education Building and many beautiful entries in the Hobbies and Handicrafts Building. We also saw many different plants and animals. Sydney, Peyton and I had fun participating in the Lego Challenge. There were four different areas in the challenge but our favorite was building with the Legos. The lady in charge asked Sydney what her favorite letter was and everyone had to create an object that began with the letter ‘S’.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when we walked by the PBS tent and I saw many of my favorite TV characters. There was Curious George, Maya and Miguel, characters from SUPER WHY! and Dragon Tales. Peyton and I had fun dancing the Hokey Pokey with them.


I was so surprised at how much food was at the fair! There were corn dogs, sandwiches, blooming onions, funnel cakes and other yummy smelling treats. We ate candy apples and cotton candy while we were there. Ms. Catherine bought a turkey leg for Sydney and Peyton’s uncle and it was as big as I am!