Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Freedom Travels with Jocelyn and Her Family to Emerald Isle for Memorial Day

Freedom traveled with Jocelyn and her family two hours north of Wilmington to beautiful Emerald Isle, NC. The place they stayed at was overlooking the beach and all the kids loved hearing the ocean, especially when eating ice cream on the balcony and at night. Freedom and Jocelyn had big plans for the weekend. They took turns going back and forth between the indoor pool at the complex they stayed at and the beach. In the pool, they enjoyed swimming and practicing lots of tricks like swimming under water and turning somersaults in the water. While on the beach they enjoyed digging in the sand and finding tiny clams and boogie boarding. One night they went out for ice cream at Ben and Jerry's which was fun since Jocelyn's father is from Vermont and that is where Ben and Jerry's ice cream is from too.
On the last day of their trip, Freedom, Jocelyn and her family went to visit the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. It was a really great aquarium. They saw the otters get fed. It was neat seeing them catch the gold fish in their pond. They learned the difference between land, aquatic and sea turtles. Sea turtles have flippers, aquatic turtles have webbed feet with "claws" and land turtles have feet. Also, the shells of the aquatic and sea turtles are flatter and more sleek to move through the water. Land turtles have more of a dome shells that they can pull their body into, whereas the aquatic and sea turtles cannot pull their bodies into their shell. Jocelyn and Freedom also took a walk outside the aquarium on one of their walkways/trails and couldn't believe the hundreds and hundreds of fiddler crabs that they saw. They learned that the fiddler crabs with the one big claw are males and that the claw is mostly for show rather than function. After a great day at the aquarium, seeing lots of great creatures, Freedom and Jocelyn sat in a lot of traffic leaving the Emerald Isle area, but is was worth it. They had a great time with all the swimming and learned a lot at the aquarium.